Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 2013 Idea-A-Day Journal Spread

Cloud shape cut out of a foam dinner plate
used approximately a 2" square

In July I saw someone Else's calendar spread, a field of flowers, but it reminded me of a painting I
loved when I was younger: Georgia O'Keeffe "Sky Above Clouds IV" .  It made me want to create
a sky full of clouds for August and do a Dream-a-Day record for August.  Cut out a cartoon cloud
shape (doesn't look like O'Keeffe after all) from a foam dinner plate.  It is so cool that I can cut out
any shape I want from a foam plate, as long as the shape falls within the approximately 2" square size,
and on a 8" X 10" journal page you can get 3 of those shapes on the left and 4 of the shapes on the
right (or do it the opposite way) to make your calendar for the month.  

I made my foam template, traced around it, drew the month/title and numbered the days.  The trouble
was, although I am a person who frequently remembers my dreams I didn't as August began.  Instead
I have been waking up with brainstorms--ideas of projects to try and solutions to problems, feeling as
strident as marching orders.  So my clouds became thought bubbles and here we are.

I used Tombo Markers for the words and numbers and to outline each thought bubble.  Sharpie Pens
and Gelli Roll Metallic Pens for details.  The background is Derwent InkTense Water soluble Pencil,
Iris Blue.  Brushed around with water.  I like the blotchy effect, like the real variations in a cloudy
sky.  Already getting ideas for what I want to focus on each day for the next months.  No surprise
since I am a person much more excited by the idea than the work involved in manifesting the idea;
although the process and all the problem solving and discovery is actually more fun in reality.