Saturday, March 25, 2017

Painted Paper Collage: Eagle

Working on an eagle collage, sitting with the results to date. Might make the feathers more distinct. Below is the step-by-step of how he was created.

Pencil and Derwent Inktense WC Pencil sketch.

Toner copy of the drawing transferred with gel medium to a collaged canvas.

Beak and eye collaged with gelli plate paper.

Tea dyed paper and lace rice paper added.
Final (to date) Eagle with paper details added with lace and gelli plate papers.

8 X 10 canvas, 150.00

Creative Collage: Hungry Bird

My Visual Art Journaling group is still meeting twice a month at my home studio in Northglenn, CO. but my creative collaging has been focused on mixed media collage on canvas or cradle board. Actually, the jury is still out about whether to call it "Mixed Media Collage" or "Painted Paper Collage". I use mostly painted or gelli plate printed papers but also use some specialty rice papers, Derwent Inktense Water Color pencils as well as occasional mechanically printed patterned papers and tea dyed dictionary pages. As I'm writing this I'm leaning towards Mixed Media Collage, even though that implies the use of dimensional elements, which I don't use. Tell me what you think.

I'm way behind on blogging about all the collaged bird canvases I've completed in the last year or so but I'm going to blog about the "Hungry Bird" canvas in this post and will post about the eagle I'm working on soon.

Original drawing in pencil and Derwent Inktense WC Pencils
Transferred a toner copy of the drawing to canvas using gel medium.
Rose patterned paper for inside mouth, tea dyed paper on breast.
Pencil sketched background. 

Additional tea-dyed (tea baked paper) and patterned paper added.

Additional paper and lace rice paper added.

Details of background blocked in with watercolor.

Working on shadow area below bird. Pink buds and stems papered.

Next steps.

Continuing to add grasses to foreground.

Iridescent papers added to the petals.

More grasses and blue sky painted in.

Final piece with softened sky and additional grasses, stamens.
I'll try to post a better picture of the final piece, this one looks a bit faded. I'm not sure what is so satisfying about painted paper collage but the fussy detail is right up my creative alley.