Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sketching Kitchen Leaves

Bay Leaves
Pencil sketch with Koi Watercolors
It's a cold February day and I don't feel like venturing out. So drawing bay leaves.
Loving daily sketching and feel like I've found a daily practice that makes
 me feel skillful and like I'm developing my drawing skills and also my power
 of observation.  

 This brings together so many of my interests and passions: 

  1. The Plein Air art of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionists
  2. Landscapes/drawing from nature
  3. The sacred quality of Nature and the value of of closely observing Nature
  4. The Denver Botanic Gardens and Botanical Illustration
  5. Visual Journals

 All this also informs the classes I teach through Colorado Free University.
 I have my Impressions of the Gardens class which I have had the opportunity
 to teach for a couple of years and one I am going to start soon: Botanical Art Journal.
 Like Plein Air art with simple supplies and a sketchbook.  I've also just become
 aware of the  Urban Sketching movement. Feel blessed!  Now, if I could only
 figure out how any of these endeavors could pay the rent.

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