Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2013 Art Journal Calendar Pages

This is my July 2013 calendar page.  I've committed to creating a calendar page spread for each month for the rest of the year.  This is only my second month.  I did want to do something with stars and stripes but did not want to do the traditional red, white, blue.  I settled on a sky blue with dark pink days.  I colored the star background and the banner strips with Reeves Water Soluble Crayons, a set I just picked up last week.

I scribbled on the color and then used a damp sponge to spread the color around.  I like that it looks like the sky.  I intended to use a guide to draw on consistently shaped stars and then paint them in white.  When I made a tracing error I erased it with a white eraser and found that the eraser erased the background color as well.  I kind of liked the ghostly, cloud-like star gotten by erasing within the lines.

I next used a hand-me-down banner stencil to make the days.  I originally intended for the banner to be continuous but later decided on cutting the banner into random rectangles for the days.  Took me a while to arrange the days coherently but found that they eventually looked right as I puzzled with them.

I decorated each day with Martha Stewart makers, Pitt and Micron Pens, Sakura Metallic Gel Pens.

I've decided to do a mandala doodle a day this month.  Really like the idea of my calendar page spreads helping me to know more surely when I made or completed each page in each journal.

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