Monday, October 8, 2012

Drawing with Associations

Art Muse Mind Map

Black Gesso, Tombo Markers, Gelly Roll pens, sharpie pens.
One of my signature art therapy assignments is
  1. make a drawing, painting or collage
  2. make a mind-map related to your art piece
  3. make a journal entry related to your art piece and mind map
I think that this process now has a short hand version.  I made a drawing of my "Art Muse" and printed out a copy which I glued to the cover a composition book that I had painted with black gesso.  I embellished the drawing...surprised that she ended up with a mask.  Then, instead of making a separate mind-map I made the image itself into a mind-map.  Maybe I'll call it a Art with Associations.  

My composition book is a place for me to plot and plan ways to expand my streams of income through making art, coaching, doing art therapy (virtually, and face to face) and teaching.

What I discovered: I need to develop myself as a product.  That's what the mask means, I think.  I need to assure the part of myself that is a raving introvert that another part of me will do all the extroverted stuff that makes her so tired.  Like an actor creates a role.  It really is me, my ideas and heart, but a product/persona as well.  At least that's what I'm thinking today.

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