Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art Supply Testing Journal

I never decided between circle or square test spots but like the bright and messy result.

Page one (mostly warms) of my Derwent Inktense Water Soluble Pencils

Tombos are water soluble markers that come in blendable bright colors.

Thanks to Joanne Sharpe of Whimspirations fame for
teaching me to keep an art supply testing journal.  Such a great resource and reference for
choosing materials and colors for a project.  Plus the pages are so pretty I just had to share.
Every time I get new supplies I make a color range page for them.  Why wasn't I taught this 
practice in art school?  Helps me to develop a deeper relationship with materials and colors.
Think my next art supply testing journal is going to have heavier wet media friendly pages.
Probably a small Strathmore Visual Journal.  This one was just a composition book with
pairs of pages glue sticked together to make more sturdy pages.

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