Monday, May 27, 2013

Mandala Flower Doodles on Envelopes

Mandala Flower Doodles
Tombo and Martha Stewart brush markers,
Pitt Pen, business envelopes

Something has come together for me recently.  I've been doodling

mandalas for many years.  All my day timers, papers and notebooks
are decorated with mandala doodles.  Not consciously "art", just
doodles.  In my "real art" life I've been going to the Botanic Garden
in Denver and drawing flowers, my favorite thing.  As I'm writing
this I realize that this is like my art and doodling during art school.
In the studio I was painting in a Neo Expressionist style and in
private I made botanical sketches.  Hmmmm.  

Know it has a lot to do with what is artistically intuitive and natural
and what is considered "legitimate" art.  Not sure what it means
but I had a revelation when I posted my mandala flower sketch on
the Dion Dior's facebook page Wisdom Circles.  Without thinking I
wrote "Wisdom Grows". Caused a psychic shiver.  Something about
drawing and painting and doodling the circular shapes of flowers
connects parts of myself as well as petals and stems.

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