Saturday, May 18, 2013

More Envelope Art

My first envelope doodles this year, markers and Pitt pens.

Doodled mandala flowers with curly-Q's. Pitt pen, markers.

Close up from envelope above.  I really like the wavy lines and curlies.

I signed up for 21 Secrets this year when it first opened.  I've only had a chance to do the first
assignment in Ro Bruhn's "Flower Power" workshop.  In her workshop we were asked to make
flower doodles on the inside of business envelopes.  This background was used in order to add
interest to our drawings with the envelope security patterns.

I think this series of envelope doodles is interesting in terms of my various styles.  The first
doodles seem blobby and overworked.  After experimenting a bit I was more relaxed,
happy, playful.  I returned to my usual mandala flower doodles and even tried a curly wavy line
around my final doodle.

I'm not sure what it all means but it is interesting that my doodles progress during my three attempts.
Makes me think about how useful it is to warm up, experiment, relax and play, and persist.  Also
love the up-cycling of business window envelopes.  Life gives you phone bills?  Answer the call to creativity.


  1. Beautiful envelopes. Now that's creative art...Judith, Texas

  2. I love hearing how you developed your work. I think you've definitely achieved your own style. Thanks for taking my class.

  3. Ro, I've only begun, that was just your first assignment. Looking forward to your next assignment. Your workshop is my first project with 21 Secrets--thanks for making it a good experience! Drawing flowers is my favorite thing so I gravitated to your workshop right away.