Sunday, May 15, 2011

Art Journal Cover: "Time for Art"

"Time for Art" Journal Cover

Made this cover for my journal in my "Nourishing Your Creativity Through Visual Journaling" workshop, through the local free school, Colorado Free University.  I sanded and gessoed the "off the shelf" journal (Office Depot), using clear gesso.  I then added torn scrapbook paper (Tim Holtz and misc.) using Weldbond white glue which seems to keep it stuck down.  I embossed the clock with wings stamp and the words "Art" and "Journal".  Edges all sanded and inked--which helps to unify the finished piece.  I used a marker to add the hands to the top, center clock.  I realized that I unconsciously chose the time 3:00, which is the time that most school children get out of school for the day.  The time when you time becomes your own.  My time for art.

Today in my "Impressions of the Gardens" class at the Denver Botanic Gardens the 5 woman beginning that 6 week class talked about how art had been dropped out of their lives when jobs and other demands led them away from art making.  To me art is a food group--necessary to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  I love this class, as well, because truly seeing nature, in order to render it in a pleasing way with pencil and paint, is nourishing as well.

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