Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Wild Journey

The Wild Journey

Golden acrylic paint and soft gel medium, hand prints, EK Success rub-on letters,
metallic markers, Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils

The power of art making, collage layering and journaling moves me once again.  As it often happens this page was an accident.  I had left over blue acrylic paint on my pallet, so I painted this page.  I had the impulse to make hand prints in the paint, so I did.  I later added a torn paper border and used soft gel medium to preserve the hand prints (I just dabbed the medium onto the white created by my hands).  I added rub-on stickers I happened to pick up at Big Lots.  A travel theme.  The statement "Born to Explore the road less traveled, the wild Journey of a lifetime, far away from home" happened, seemly, by accident as well.  But when I read it I recognized my life as a wanderer and artist.  Tears were shed.  

Somehow, being "born to" explore and journey gives me a warm feeling.  One can embrace one's destiny, once realized, as opposed to feeling anxious about not living a "normal" life (whatever that is).  I like that the right hand (connected to the left, logical hemisphere) has the compass that is labeled in a familiar way.  The left hand (connected to the right, intuitive hemisphere) has an unlabeled compass--since the right brain connects to symbols, not words.

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