Sunday, May 15, 2011

Collaborative Collage: "Pop Love" Phases One - Four

"Pop Love" Phase One (above)

Newspaper/TV Guide clips and packing tape transfers (Katie picture and crossword puzzle); clips from scrapbook paper (Tim Holtz and misc.)

"Pop Love" Phase Two

Lisa added in Phase 2: "I used gel medium on the whole surface in a 'burnished texture' with my fingers, then I dry-brushed it with gesso for a foggy 'dream like' atmosphere, then I used a white gel pen on the butterfly/the word 'dream' and a few accents, and finally I dusted areas with a very fine, iridescent glitter (that reminded me of 'fairy dust')".

"Pop Love" Phase Three

Mel added a rose postage stamp, scalloped borders, accent to wings and filigree stickers.
Pop Love (Confection) Phase 4 (above)

There were only supposed to be three phases (this is my first collaborative collage) but I could not resist altering the collage further.  I sanded the edges and added red and white embossed stamped images.  It ended up very "busy" but somehow I like it.  I like all the layers and how they interact and the look that everything is covered with confectioner's sugar.  It is very shiny and rich.  I think the collage should now be called "Confection".  I'm sending it around again with the Collaborative Collage 2, in case anyone else wants to add and edit.
I must say that this kind of collaboration sure triggers my control issues. Everyone's vision and formula for "collage" is so different! Mel is into the vintage emphemera; I like an aged look and like to use rubber stamps, sanding and other distressing. Lisa seems sensitive to surface textures and theme.
I've just finished phase 2 of Collaborative Collage2 and am feeling a little anxious about sanding the heck out of a bunch of Mel's vintage emphemera. I'm noticing that I need to be more sensitive about contrast in my pieces and to having more variation in color value. But I am sending it off soonish.

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