Friday, June 29, 2012

Randal Plowman's Collage "Frozen Pops"

Randel Plowman's wonderful Collage "Frozen Pops"

I am one lucky girl.  I was the selected winner to receive a publisher promo on giving away a Randel Plowman collage and a copy of his
new book "The Collage Workbook" .  Thanks Stefanie! Thanks Randel!  I have been following
Randel's blog at for some time and love his work!  He is not
only a wonderful, prolific collage artist but also an expert marketer.  I wish he would also write
a book about art marketing and promotion!

The book is a wonderful basic collage techniques book and has 50 project prompts which I
intend to follow. I believe that collage is the medium of the millenium that perfectly expresses
the complicated and layered lives of today's artists.

I am also thrilled to own a Randel Plowman collage!  This one is perfect for me in terms of the
inclusion of a floral image (my obsession) and the title.  In this brutally hot Colorado summer
(hottest yet) I would like to roll in a bed of pink frozen pops, lol.   I just love this collage
composition and all its elements.

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