Friday, June 29, 2012

Trying New Color Combos

Gardening Magazine Blossum and Starry Night Redux

Raven in Scrub Pines and Koi

These are my sketches using pencil and Sharpie Pen colored in with Derwent's Inktense
watercolor pencils, one of my favorite mediums.  I have been in Joanne Sharpe's
Colorloving 101 online class and she has encouraged us to try colors that we would not
usually use together.    This is also such a terrific way to get to know you supplies!
6 randomly selected colors.  Think of an image that would be well rendered in this range,
Only use the 6 colors.  A fun challenge!

I chose the Starry Night image because the Ionian Green is just the color of the Cyprus
tree to me.  I cheated, just a little, on the Raven picture.  My sky just got too dark so
I added the Intense white over it.

I challenge you to randomly select 5 to 6 colors, or try out the color scheme from a
famous painting.  It is easy to get into a color rut so this is a great way to deepen your
relationship with colors and materials and find new color favorites.


  1. Great idea,I really like the crow page. I am gonna have to try this challenge.6 colors oh my. Also I went and order the Collage workbook from your last post, and got the Manifesting Matisse book you recommended haven't started reading it yet, looked through it it looks good. I have been doing the Lifebook online class really great. Was looking at Joanne Sharpe's classes. So many out there which one to take, and complete before another one starts.

  2. Hi Heidi, thanks for your comment! I would definitely recommend Joanne Sharpe's ColorLoving 101 as well as her LetterLoving class. They are cheap, they are self paced, and you get access to all forever plus pdfs.