Friday, June 1, 2012

Great Chuck Close Quotes!

The way this started...
Gesso, Aqualon Wisp Brush, Pelican opaque waters, Yasumoto
iridescent watercolors, paper towel blotting, compass 

"Inspiration is for Amateurs"
Office Max Metallic Markers, Sharpie Pen, Copic Markers,
gesso, Martha Stewart Craft Markers

I struggled with and overworked this spread.  Love the quotes from the painter Chuck Close,
the lettering is OK, like the sketched flowers at the center but I do not like how it sort of looks
like the a graffitied side of a barn, lol.  Hmm, well, that's maybe what I like about it.  Will have
to sit with it.  Maybe sand it a little.  OK now I'm back to: I struggled with and overworked this
spread...but I love the quotes from the painter Chuck Close. 

You MUST watch this video. 
I think it is the most important source of solace and wisdom I've had this month, for sure!

Chuck Close was interviewed and asked to give advice to his 14 year old self. 
Ohhhhh, this is what my 14 year old self (and my 60 year old self) needed.

So I  tattooed quotes from the interview on my page, for the same reason that many get words
and images tattooed on their skin, to remember, to not forget :
  1. "Sign into the process and see where it takes you."
    Jump into the Creative process (or could say, the process of life), go with the flow,
    see where it takes you.
  2. "Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and and get to work."
    Searching for inspiration, waiting to work until inspiration strikes---
    Chuck is saying that that is for Amateurs.  Working artists just show up and get to work.
    This is so true and so important.  Of course one needs to learn the language, tools, and
    techniques of art, but the most important piece is that 99% of perspiration--
    just practicing your craft.
  3. "All the best ideas come out of the process.  They come out of  the work itself."If I had to say what it is about the creative process that keeps me coming to my studio
    I would say, well, the cool stuff you can make, but, more importantly, the things I
    discover about myself and my craft!  It tickles and makes me smile to suddenly see a
    new way of doing something or a cool new effect.

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