Thursday, April 11, 2013

Visual Art Journal Exchange

Visual Art Journal Exchange Cover and Back

Duct taped back, Wood Icing leaves with Stencil Girl Stencil, Distress Stain and Gold Marker 

My friend Lisa, who lives in Nebraska, and I are going to exchange our 5 X 7 Strathmore Visual Journals.  The plan:  I fill a few pages in my journal, and hers and send both journals to her.  She fills a few pages in my journal and hers, then sends both back to me.  This way we both end up with a journal to keep.

Along the way we can inspire each other with new ideas and techniques and share some snippets of our lives.  I want to show Lisa what I'm up to and want to know what she's up to artistically as well.  

In this digital age it's great to see the work of others electronically, but nothing beats the experience of holding and looking at actual pieces that others have created.  Sort of the same, for me, as seeing great art in books and then getting the opportunity to see those same pieces face to face.

What I'm up to: embracing Spring and appreciating new beginnings and new growth.  Experimenting with stencils and Wood Icing, trying new materials.  Trying to practice compassion and grow spiritually as well as artistically.  Working from images that inspire me, working in layers.  

We are just beginning so just sending my journal off, tomorrow, for the first time.  Can't wait to see what
Lisa creates!

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