Monday, April 8, 2013

Urban Sketching in Denver

DazBog Coffee Shop, Tennyson Cultural District, Denver.
The block letters that I drew say "thank you" in Russian.

Reverse side of above--black marker bled through so drew again.
Experimenting with different types of pens and markers.

Had Urban Sketching class with Frederick Pichon, a French architect and artist.  We
drew at the Starbucks at REI in Denver, too cool for outdoor sketching.  Hadn't drawn
people in years.  Surprising to experience how connected I felt to individuals that I drew.

Looking forward to finding a life drawing class in Denver so I can get my figurative
chops back.  Surprised that I enjoyed drawing girders and the angles of staircases as
much (well, almost as much) as drawing flowers and leaves.  After just drawing botanicals,
for the most part, for the last two years, it is interesting to broaden my subject focus.  

On the right is the large, industrial space, then drew the piece on the left with people added.
Loved that the poster the man is looking at it a poster of Nepal and a Buddhist stupa. 

A mixture of quick studies of metal steps and girders and people.  I really like the mixed and overlapped images.

A week passed between the above REI interiors and my second, and last, class with
Fred.  We were sitting outside close to the new wing of the Denver Art Museum.  Such
a great view of the library and sculptures down a corridor between buildings.  I had
seen a set of thumbnails from Urban Sketcher Miguel Herranz (Freekhand) and decided
to make small drawings in a grid rather than giving myself the whole page to labor over.

Great to meet Cynthia Morris, a fellow Urban Sketcher, artist and life coach through this
class as well.  Hope to draw with her again this summer and plan to get together with other
Urban Sketchers.  See there is a drawing and urban sketching group through Denver MeetUp.

Got an an additional unexpected treat.  Turned out to be first Saturday "free day"
at the DAM and got to see the wonderful Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit I had been wanting to see for
free as well.  What a great day!!  My Visual Art Journaling Group, Colorado group met in
the morning, then went to Tenn Coffee to hang out and sketch, then went to U. S. class.

Happy with my drawings, in general and pleased with my Urban Sketching experience.
As an art therapist I could not avoid noticing that my recent concern about my teen aged
son not wanting to talk about his homework showed up in my drawing of a huge calf and
cow sculpture near the museum.  Mom cow looks anxious and son calf has no mouth at
all.  I talked to my friend Sandra whose son is my son's best friend and laughed about this
image popping up.  Sandra's so great!  She just laughs and reassures me that my son will
be fine and not to worry.  Somehow I know she is right.  Hmmm, maybe I should take
the tag out of his ear and just let him grow up the way he will.  All I can do is make sure that
he knows he is loved and that I want to help him succeed in the best way for him.
Calm Down Bessy!