Monday, April 29, 2013

Prayer Flag ARTsignment

Rice paper with stencils and spray ink over Gelli Plate monprint (acrylic)
Details of Koi and lily pads with Twinkling H2Os.

Rice paper with stencils and spray ink over Gelli Plate monprint (acrylic)
Details of Koi and lily pads with Twinkling H2Os.

Rice paper with stencils and spray ink over Gelli Plate monprint (acrylic)
Details of Koi and lily pads with Twinkling H2Os.

I am going to start blogging about  ARTsignments that I've created.  This one has to do with creating prayer flags
to fly to put your prayers "out there" to the universe.  Also serves as a great visual reminder.
In the text of the activity I've referred to "your client" but I think that this will be an activity you can do yourself.
My prayer flags, which I haven't written on yet or permanently attached a ribbon to, are about aligning with
what it means being in "Flow" for me.  I have an affinity to lovely Koi and water as well.  When you complete
this ARTsignment please leave a comment below about the insights you gained from this process.

Prayer Flag ARTsignment

Gayle Bodine April 23rd, 2013


This ARTsignment is based on the idea of Buddhist Prayer Flags and Vivika Hansen DeNegre’s
Prayer Flag Project.  Vivika was inspired by the Tibetan prayer flags that her family hung
in their home.  Here’s how Vivika describes it:

“My family has several strings of flags hanging in our home... not because we are Buddhist
or even know what the writing or symbols upon the colored fabrics mean, but because they
are beautiful and a reverent reminder that our prayers are heard and answered.  In a
nutshell, it is believed that the prayers on the flags are lifted to God and spread throughout
the universe as they flutter in the wind.  Everyone who is touched by that wind,
is touched by the prayers.  The wind spreads the prayers through the world,
extending happiness, good will, and peace”.

Vivika suggests a 5” X 8” rectangle of fabric (I used rice paper) with 3” folded over on the
short end to make a pocket for string to hang the flag.  One can use twine, ribbon, etc.
for hanging them.  The pocket can be closed with a line of stitching, hot glue or duct tape.


A person’s prayers or heartfelt wishes are often closely related to the Principles they hope
to enliven in their lives.  In this ARTsignment the client can activate what they wish to
manifest through the creation of a prayer artifact. 

1.     Talk about prayers and heartfelt wishes.  Talk and/or write about prayers that s/he would like to send into the world.  Alternatively ask your client to choose one of the ARTbundance Principle cards from the coaching room deck that they would like to explore through the making of a prayer flag.

2.    Use rice paper, paper cloth
or light weight fabric like muslin.  Cut rectangles approximately 5 “ X 8”. 

3.    Fold over and sew, glue or tape an approximately 3” pocket for hanging your flag.

4.    Decorate your flag using paint, collage, spray ink and stencils or your medium of choice.

5.    Write your prayer on your (fully dried) flag with permanent marker or fabric paints with applicators designed for a fine line.

6.    Discuss sending this prayer out on the wind as well as displaying it.  Journal about what this means.

7.    Your client’s prayer flag(s) can be a visual reminder to give energy to the Principles and goals that are of meaningful to them.  You could also suggest that your client make a prayer flag for each one of the Principles.

8.    Your client can also connect with healing community through this activity by making a flag for themselves and also one to be hung with others in the ARTbundance workshop.  The client could also submit an image of their flag to the Prayer Flag Project.

side note: the Koi images were stenciled on.  I made a cardboard stencil from my Koi drawings.

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