Friday, April 27, 2012

Art Making Opens the Window of My Heart

Window (Envelope) of My Heart pg1
Window (Envelope) of My Heart pg2

This is how my journal pages turned out using the recycled window envelopes colored with alcohol inks. I used acrylic paint, metallic markers, stamps, Iridescent Medium,
a picture of the 5 of Coins and a cut paper border.

In my Visual Journal spread the idea of the heart opened through creative activity is in contrast to the attitude of fear (poverty and scarcity) represented by the 5 of Coins Tarot card.   This is something I struggle with sometimes.  The artist must suffer and starve--isn't that what goes with the title?  I must say that I far prefer the idea of the playful artist creating with a joyful and open heart.  The difference?  Although there are rough patches in everyone's life I think it is, for the most part, a spiritual attitude. 

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