Thursday, April 26, 2012

Window (Envelope) of My Heart

Open Window (Envelope) of My Heart4
Recycled window envelope with window
colored with alcohol inks, gold marker
Open Window (Envelope) of My Heart2
Recycled window envelope with window colored
 with alcohol inks, gold marker, sharpie pen

Having fun altering recycled envelopes.  I've always dreaded opening those business envelopes (can be bad news) but now I love opening them because you can make art with them!  Used Ranger Alcohol Inks (wild plum, stream, butterscotch) to color the transparent window.  You can't see it here but these colored windows look so much like beautiful stained glass windows.  These altered envelopes make great pages in a home-made journal.  The first picture is of an altered window envelope that I haven't use in my journal yet.  The second one is more complete.  Need to add more color to the lettering.

I just used a metallic marker to make the window frame and shutters.  I have been following the facebook group "Art Journaling for Women" and they have been posting pages entitled "I Am An Artist".  For some reason I was dragging my heels making one.  I thought about HOW I know I'm an artist: stained hands; piles of art supplies and journal fodder;  and that when I am not making art I get blue.  Making art is meaningful to me.  A meaningful life means the difference, for me, between happiness and despair.  Plus its fun!

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