Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lotuses with Watercolor Pencil

Lotuses with watercolor pencil

Love botanicals and have been working to improve my color layering skill.  This is a first attempt with layering--usually draw directly with the watercolor pencil and then add water.  I think that some of my lines are too dark but like the yellow and green where it is subtle and the buds on the left.  Important to take what one can from each drawing--rather than just tossing out a "failed" drawing take the time to see what works and what doesn't and why.  Every time I make a painting I learn new things!  This time I found that I could lift color with a wet brush.  A technique I have used with traditional watercolor but not as much with watercolor pencils.  It is all about the color--and I am glad that this drawing will stay in my journal to reference in the future.

Of course I must mention the beautiful lotus.  The lotus reminds us, through the presence of buds, full blossoms and seed pods that there is an endless cycle of life-death-life and all exist in the eternal now.

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