Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Visual Art Journal Fish Out of Water Dream Pages

Fish Out of Water Pages 1 & 2
Inktense Watercolor Pencils

In this dream I go to the beach house of a friend because she is getting married.  On the beach I find a large orange fish (like a gold fish) lying there.  I know that the fish needs to be in water but it looks like a fresh water fish to me---so I don't know what to do.  I think if I put the fish in the wrong kind of water (fresh or salt) instead of saving it I will kill it.  I put it in a water-filled ditch but it is too small and the water is dirty (perhaps like my apartment which I have been meaning to clean?).  I ask questions about myself as the fish: What is my element?  Why can't I breathe?  Finally I make a picture (while recording the dream) of a fish swimming in it's element.  Amazing to me I do not get the "element" reference until I post these pages in "Art Journaling For Women" fb page.  I have just been talking about the movie Fifth Element and that Love is the fifth element.  I realize that the element that I am seeking is love.  These words came to me (the next page I'm going to make):  There is an Ocean of Love Inside of You--Dive Deep!  I realize that I have been looking outside of myself for my art muse--to the creations of artist friends. Inspiring--but I must connect to my inner artist self to create authentically.

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