Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Wisp Brush, Waxed Paper Masks, Remember

Love, Serve and Remember

Stampers Anonymous stamp, home-made word stickers,
K & Co. butterflies, waxed paper mask, waxed paper
cut-outs, Yasumoto iridescent watercolor, Imagine
Craft Fireworks craft spray, stencils, Office Max Metallic
Markers, Martha Steward craft marker

On the left my new Aqualon Wisp brush, waxed paper cutout.
On right a different, just started, journal spread that gives you an example
(around edge, orange outer circle) of what the brush does.

A bunch of cool (to me, at least) discoveries contributed to the top image "Love, Serve & Remember",
the name of a Ram Dass book and a good reminder of what I am here on this planet to do.  The top
spread started out with two circle shapes drawn with a compass, I meant to do a "Lettering in the
Round" (Joanne Sharpe) spread. 

  1. Waxed paper masks
    Discovery one took place when I used the waxed paper I often use behind the pages I'm
    working (on to protect other pages) to cut out a mask to protect the circles from stenciling and
    spray.  Used just a bit of double stick tape to hold the mask in place.  You can still see the
    masked circles (lavender). 

    I used letter and swirl stencils with Fireworks craft spray and used the ghosting technique
    (saw Dyan do this in a video) where you place the sprayed or wet stencil face down to make
    a ghost image of the one you sprayed.  I actually like the "ghost" better.
  2.  Waxed paper cut-outs
    Discovery two, I used a version of this technique with the tissue paper I used to blot another
    spread previously.  When I saw what great spray patterns and colors were on the waxed paper
    I cut out flower shapes with scissor and glue down the waxed paper cut-outs with Mod Podge.
    Love how transparent the waxed paper is.  Maybe you can make out a couple of flowers on
    each of the pages (subtle in this picture).
  3. Aqualon Wisp Brush
    I saw this odd brush at Hobby Lobby.  It's for watercolorist who wants to quickly put in foliage
    or hair or the like in their watercolors.  I thought: lines/texture.  The brushes are by Royal
    Langnickel and come five to a "value pack" for around 14.00.  Sheds just a bit but within the
    acceptable range.  In the "Remember" spread you can see the interest created with these brushes
    when the light spaces where left and interacted with the spray.
  4. Hand-made shiny word "stickers"
    This is a technique you probably already know but doesn't hurt to remind you.  You can print
    out words from your printer, on any older paper, with any color and style of font.  Cut or punch
    them out, glue down, then use Glossy Accents (Ranger) or Liquid Embossing (Plaid) or
    Dimensional Accents (Plaid Mod Podge product).  I used Liquid Embossing here. 
    Cut my "serve" button too small but other than that I like these.  I inked the edges before
    I glued down and added the Liquid Embossing.

    Reflective/Art Therapy Angle: 

    I wanted to make a piece to remind me about the daily things I need to remember to have
    balance in my life.  The first thing that came to mind was the two vitamins for my soul that I have
    been forgetting about lately, Walking and Meditating for more than a couple of minutes.
    Both these activities help me dump worry stress and feel more focused.  The other essentials
    that I seek to do everyday are Create and Teach.  Finally I added "Love, Serve and Remember" which is such a great daily reminder. 

    The doorway shaped stamped images came before the words.  I wanted  to write something
    about answering the door when opportunity knocks.  You know how it goes though--creations
    have a life of their own that the strategic mind may have no idea about.  Think that is what
    tickles me about art. I added the butterflies because they represent radical transformation,
    and brief beauty to me.


  1. very soft page with a very interesting background. very stricking wording too. love the brush effects! thanks for all the reminders and discoveries :)
    happy end of the week,

    1. Happy week end to you to France! Thanks for the comment! Glad you appreciated the reminders and discoveries.

  2. fabulous pages, great colours

    1. Hi Miranda--thanks for the positive feedback! I love the word "fabulous"!

  3. Love your pages, and how you document your discoveries. I think that's the most fun part of art journaling - all the discoveries we make with our supplies, and about ourselves. This is Kristina W from Facebook. :D

  4. Great to see you here Kristina! I think you are right about the discoveries--keeps me smiling and turning the pages...