Saturday, March 9, 2013

Buddha, Left and Right

Left Hand Drawing

Right Hand Buddha

Inked pencil drawing with watercolor

In Jane LaFazio's Sketching and Watercolor, Journal Style workshop we were asked to 
draw a continuous line drawing with our left hand.  I decide to draw one of my Buddha statues.
The drawing only took a little while, but I kind of liked it.  I was surprised, however, when
people in the class remarked that it was "so full of emotion".  Hmmm I can see it but guess
the directness of my left hand drawing came through.

In week 6 we were asked to draw a man-made object.  I found that I just didn't want to
draw kitchen appliances or the like.  So I did a right hand drawing of my statue.  It was easy
to draw the upper half of this statue but I kept on erasing and redrawing the bottom half.  I
still wonder about some of the details.  The color, which began when I picked up the wrong
colored Sharpie Pen actually turned out to be a happy accident.  I have always loved images
of the "Medicine Buddha", the Buddha depicted as being blue.

So which Buddha do you prefer?  I am always looking for comments about my posts.


  1. I LOVE this... never thought of it. So funny the connection, I did a show w/Jane, a 3 woman show, a couple years ago. LOVE her!

  2. If you haven't friended her on facebook you must! She always has something going on. I love taking online art classes from Jane and others because it keeps me busy with drawing and working with images.