Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tiger Flowers Collage Pages

Cadmium Orange Watercolor with Imagine Craft Spray (Lady Bug).
On the left side sprayed while paint was wet, on the right sprayed when paint dried. 
Variation is brush strokes with the watercolor paint caused the streaks and lighter spots.

I used sticker sheet waste (stickers by Doodle Bug) as a stencil.
Found out it is hard to rise off and dry more than once.
I blotted the craft spray with yellow craft tissue paper
(I think my Art Journaling British friends call this "Mopping"). 

I used the mop-up tissue to cut out flower shapes with scissors.
  I glued down the flowers with Tacky Glue
and/or Iridescent Medium (Winsor Newton) to make the collaged background.

This is the completed background before I added the Tiger Flower drawing.
  I also used a circle stencil and a spiral stencil to add a little bit more texture and interest.
I used spray ink to stamp simple flower shapes (INKADINKADO),
gold metallic markers (Office Max) to make a few details. 

Here is the completed piece, "Tiger Flowers".
I used a sharpie pen to draw the Tiger flowers using a picture
from Garden Gate magazine (1995) as reference.
  I think I will leave these pages alone but will use acrylic paint
to paint the flowers and their leaves in the future.

I am really pleased with these pages.  This page looks to me like what the Denver Botanic Gardens looked like, to me, last weekend.  It has  rained a bit more than usual and the flower borders and beds are bursting with color.  I feel like my beauty-loving heart could burst with pleasure as well.  I am really allowing myself to really drink it all in.  Hope you can get the feeling too.


  1. absolutely stunningly gorgeous Gayle. I have seen iridescent medium but not sure what you used it for - will def get some now. Thanks for sharing lol xxx

    1. Thanks Susie! The iridescent medium is most often used to mix with acrylic paint to make it shimmery. You can use any of the smooth acrylic mediums for collage/glue if you want to.

  2. Gayle thank you so much for showing the details on how you made this page. I am just getting all my products and ideas together to start doing some backgrounds and then advance from there. This is so exciting.

    1. Thanks Dianne! Isn't mixed-media and visual journaling fun? It's all I want to do. I learn so much and discover so much with every piece I make.

  3. gorgeous, great idea wonderful technique, will try this myself

    1. Thanks Miranda! I look forward to seeing what you do with this!
      hugs, Gayle

  4. gorgeous page, love the build up! great reminder of using mop-up tissue!
    have a happy weekend :)

    1. Thanks France! Yes, I am loving the mop-up and also ghosting techniques that uses the left over paint on the front of stencils after you stencil...